Co-working space suits freelancers perfectly. It binds together all that any independent worker would need: the flexibility in terms of working hours while avoiding isolation and solitude that often comes with “work-from-home” concept.

This type of shared working spaces creates a sense of community. It’s a perfect setting for brainstorming, making new contacts or even teamwork if needed – yet you can work on your own terms at your own tempo.

Start-Ups and Small Businesses

New businesses value the adaptability of co-working spaces. Conventional offices may come with a hefty lease costs, which can be too expensive for emerging start-ups. Apart from the affordable price, co-working spaces offer the chance to interact with other professionals, which can prove very helpful.

Also, it’s a perfect opportunity for connecting with various profiles, which can open up new possibilities. 


Many different surveys proved that the concept has an amazing reception. As per Hiscox, in average – two thirds of questioned employees stated that they prefer co-working spaces compared to traditional offices. Furthermore, they mainly listed collaboration, flexibility and affordable prices as the greatest traits of the co-working space concept.

Co-working Continues to Grow

The independent economy is developing. More youthful individuals from the workforce, for example, Millennials or Gen Z are progressively ending up in independent work. As of this moment there are 53 million freelance workers in the United States alone. This will furtherly increase the demand and the rise of more co-working spaces.

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