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When you work in the office, you always want to know what choice you have for lunch.  In addition to all the location restaurants available, you can have your lunch delivered for free.

At Innocospace San Mateo coworking location, everyone can have lunch delivered as low as $9.99 per meal.  Bovet Office Center has partnered with Bento Cart for a daily lunch delivery.  BentoCart offers lunch for $9.99 + free delivery.

  • Bentocart curates 4-8 restaurants daily from all over the Peninsula and brings their food here.
  • Pick up from the loading zone behind 155 Bovet. Drivers arrive at 11:55am.
  • You can sign up for Bentocart lunch pass here:

Their delivery fee is very reasonable without BentoPass, just $1 per meal on average. They also have a Group Order feature, which makes organizing team lunch easy. Team members can select items from any of their daily restaurants so there is no need to pick a single restaurant.

What can I order with BentoPass meal credit?

Every day Bentocart picks 10 restaurants from all over SF (4-8 in San Mateo) and brings their food close to your office. Hundreds of items can be redeemed at no additional cost except sales tax & city mandated fees.

A small number of meals/options cost extra, but it’s always a deal (15% off or more). We also exclude cheap items. For those items you are better off buying them directly instead of wasting your discounted meal credit.

Are these meals smaller or made with old ingredients?

Nope! Unlike other budget meal services, the meals you get from BentoPass are exactly the same as the restaurant’s regular takeout, except we’ve done the bargaining for you so that you get a sweet discount.

Sign up for BentoPass here: