Technical Know-Hows FAQ

How do I check in when I come to the space?

You must check in to our space when you start working.  The app enables space members to book meeting rooms, search the members’ directory, connect to other members via a message board and manage their membership, profile and account.

You can check in using the R&D Connect app on your phone.  You can download the app from Apple App store or Google Play.  Here is the link to the app:

R&D Connect for Android Devices

R&D Connect for iOS and iPads

You can also sign in on your PC or MAC by going to

How do I sign into the Innocospace wifi network?

This is assuming you already got your user ID and password setup for the Inncospace portal.   If you have not signed up yet, you need to create an account on the Innocospace portal.   Innocospace provides a secured wifi network.  On your device, do the following:

  1. Go to your wifi setting, and connect to INNOCOSPACE COWORKING SSID.
  2. You will be asked to authenticate yourself.  Please enter your Innocospace portal user ID and password.
  3. Wait for a message that says you are connected.
  4. You should be able to surf the Internet once you are connected.
  5. Your device should be able to log into the wifi the next time you visit the space.  Once in a while, it might ask you to re-authenticate yourself.  In that case, just follow the instruction in step 2 above.

How do I set up cloud printing for laser black and white as well color printouts?

Inncospace cloud printing allows all members to print from anywhere to our industrial color laser printer.  You can print from your PC, MAC, iOS devices, or Android devices.  You can also print by log into the Ezeep portal, and just drag and drop a document to print.  Even you are not on-site, you can print to our printer via cloud printing.

This is assuming you already got your user ID and password setup for the Inncospace coworking portal.   If you have not signed up yet, you need to create an account on the Innocospace portal.   After you signed up to the Innocospace coworking portal, you should have got an email from Ezeep to sign up for cloud printing.  You should follow the link in the email to set up your ezeep account with its own user ID and PW.  If you did not, please follow the following instructions:

  1. Go to and try to login into Ezeep.  You must use the same user ID you set up for Innocospace coworking portal.  You can select a different password for Ezeep than the portal, but the user ID must be the same.
  2. Download the appropriate app from the following link:
  3. Run and set up your Ezeep app.
  4. Log into the Ezeep app using the user ID and PW from step 1.
  5. You should see a new printer among your printers.  The printer name should be [e] Sharp M4101.
  6. You can set up the printer via printer settings for B&W or color printing.  Please note there is a charge each page for B&W printing ($.05/page) or color printing ($.45/page).
  7. You can print to this printer from anywhere.

Can I have a static public IP address for my private office?

Yes you can get a static public IP address.  There is a cost of $35 per month per public IP address.  We do have a limit on a total number of public IP addresses. so please request early if you need a public IP address.  We can also help you set up a proxy where you can host multiple servers behind single public IP address.

What are the advantages of having a static public IP address?

Here are some advantages of having a static IP address:

  • Stability– In case of applications such as authenticated services on web servers and file downloads the connection should be stable. In static IP a small interruption in the connection usually does not terminate the packet exchange with the service.
  • Hosting– Since there is no change of IP address, this is suitable for applications which use Voice over Internet Protocol (VOIP), gaming applications, and Virtual Private Network(VPN).
  • Preferred address for servers– Static IP addresses is ideal if your computer acts as a server. The reason is it gives your file server relatively faster file uploads and downloads.
  • Convenient remote access– When you remotely connect to a computer you need not worry about the changes in the IP address during the connected session. Also when you connect to your computer through applications such as remote desktop, you need not be bothered about losing the IP address.
  • Reduced downtime– The IP never resets. In other words, your computer need not send any request for renewal. This makes it an ideal choice for seamless connectivity.

How do I set up my private network with static IP in my private office?

Our private office members have the option to set up their own private IP network away from the general coworking members.  Private office members have access to wired LAN network in their office.  A private office can get an Internet static public IP for their network if needed.  Otherwise, each office will get a DHCP internal IP address.  There is a charge of $35 per month for each public IP address.  Please note there is a limit on the number of private IP addresses we have.

If you need help setting up your router, we can help you set it up with a one-time setup fee depending on the complexity.  Please contact us if you need help with the router set up for your private office.  

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