The Perfect Solution for Startups

Conventional office spaces require long-term commitment and often come with a hefty price attached. On average, office leases are signed on a 5-year period. On top of that, a deposit is mandatory. And breaking out of a commercial lease can prove to be quite expensive and inconvenient.

However, there is a solution even for low-cost startups. No need to spend a huge amount of money, no need to commit long term. Coworking spaces usually come with rent on a monthly basis. Some spaces offer weekly or even hourly payment options. From the perspective of a small startup this is perfect. Cutting down on upfront costs and avoiding long-term commitment.

Flexibility in terms of business growth and additional hiring is another great thing. Adding new members to your cause is simple, as it’s nothing more than purchasing additional memberships.

Naturally, when it comes to coworking spaces there is a variety in expenses. It can be anything from a couple hundred dollars to thousands – depending on a number of factors, such as location, building space, desk space, extra membership benefits and so on.

Regardless of the cost, all coworking spaces are typically well equipped and ‘all-inclusive’. Some of the basic availabilities include: a desk and chair, high-speed internet connection, shared printer/scanner, bookshelf space, shared kitchen and a conference room.

Coworking spaces are in high demand due to all the benefits that they bring. It makes the path to starting a new business much easier, it is flexible when it comes to growth, and most importantly – it is affordable. Moreover, it is a perfect solution for freelance work without solitude. It is a great environment for increasing performance, while staying flexible. And it is perfect for building a strong network of professionals and gaining valuable contacts.  

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