Not so long ago, people had only two choices – work at a conventional office or work from home. Both of these had an upside and a downside to it. Working in a team meant restricted flexibility, while operating at your own pace, meant solitude. Today, however, you can have only the upsides of both. With the coworking space concept, everything is perfectly blended and balanced. And coworking spaces are emerging everywhere over the last couple of years. 

Shared office spaces like Innocospace provide an environment that radiates creativity, flexibility and most of all productivity.
The best way to create a clear picture of the concept is to explain the benefits one by one:

1. Efficiency

Envision a situation without the stuffiness of a corporate office space, yet at the same time, more structure than your home office. Sounds too good probably. However, that is the exact thing that we have made with our innovative coworking space. Greater efficiency with less distraction, in a less formal surrounding. While constantly being around other hardworking individuals may give you extra motivation. Not to mention the availability of facilities like top quality conference rooms and much more.

2. Networking

Freelance work often implies working on your own. This can eliminate the sense of community. The solution is obvious. While doing your own work, by yourself, at a coworking space you still have lots of like-minded people around you, who are here to bring the sense of community back. Helping each other when needed, brainstorming, or just casual discussions during your breaks, all of those enhance the productivity at work. 

3. New Business

Apart from the general feel-good vibe implied by the fact that you are surrounded by other professionals, coworking spaces may create opportunities for making new friendships, connections and possibly new businesses.
During your casual discussions, a new idea may pop out. Who knows what can emerge from it?
With your enriched network of representatives from various industries it gets much easier to develop new ideas and make them a reality.

4. Expanded Well Being

Everybody knows the significance of a work-life balance, nevertheless, a great deal of the modern day working environments don’t have what it takes to handle it.
A range of coworking spaces offer a healthy and relaxed surrounding. With on-site gyms or yoga studios, free refreshments and much more. Lot of these places are pet friendly as well.
Feeling good and relaxed increases everyone’s performances, and naturally improves the general well-being.

5. Cost Efficient

Whether you are a freelancer or running a small business, renting a conventional office only for yourself is most likely out of your budget. Not to mention additional costs like utility bills. Coworking space can save you a lot of headaches. For an affordable price you can have everything ready and waiting for you. Just bring a smile and your laptop and you are good to go.

6. Flexibility

Did we mention flexibility? You can create your own schedule. Work at your own pace. Imagine having to leave the traditional office for an hour to run some errands, it’s hardly feasible. Increased flexibility enables you to work as long as you want to. Leave and return whenever you want to. Simply amazing.

Innocospace is an ideal answer for your coworking needs. It mainly intends to give new companies and specialists a space to work together and succeed with their goals.

Innocospace does precisely what cooperating world was made to do, giving another sort of enhancement and opportunity to develop in a great workspace at a reasonable cost.

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