Technology is on a constant rise and it affects a lot of aspects of life. Business included.

All around the globe, an ever-growing number of people are switching conventional offices with the ‘work from home’ concept. Spare rooms, dining tables, even living rooms are being turned into offices. 

This concept offers maximum flexibility and comfort. Sounds perfect, right?
Well, giving it a second thought, it’s not that hard to uncover the negatives.

It may bring a certain sense of liberty, but on the downside it can seriously affect productivity, it removes the chance for any sort of team-work and can create an overall feeling of dullness and solitude.

We have put up a list of downsides of working from home. Moreover, we are certain that anyone who worked from home experienced at least a couple of the following situations.

1.      People around you don’t understand that you are ‘working’

It can be tough for your family members to fully understand that your mind is at work, even though you are physically at home.

Someone will always have a reason to start a discussion with you.

This is a really common problem and can cause lack of concentration, and result with poor performance.

2.      Distractions

Staying fully focused on work can prove to be nearly impossible when you are at home. There are simply too many distractions in general.

If you happen to be home-alone and no one is interrupting you by talking, there’s always a possibility that you will see dirty dishes that “need to be washed immediately”.

3.      The kitchen is always open

There’s no need to rush to the café to order your favorite coffee, or settle for a meal from a local fast food restaurant’s menu. Your kitchen is a few steps away, always within reach.

And apart from this being another distraction, gaining weight is guaranteed as well.

4.      Lack of real-life interactions

To work from home means to work on your own. Even if you are working with clients for 8 hours, you do it over a computer. That is hardly real-life communication.

5.      Missing out on collaboration

The solitude of working from home means no collaboration, no chance of brainstorming, no discussions. There are times when the saying “two heads are better than one” is completely true. And not being able to get a second opinion on some decision can be frustrating and could affect your overall performance. 

6.      No community

Of course, the best part of work is being a part of the community. Working from home makes it impossible to be part of activities such as Friday afternoon drinks, lunches, hitting the gym with your colleagues and so on. Working in an office is not all about work, there are also ways to have fun and many opportunities to make friendships and connections.

On the other hand, traditional offices offer no flexibility whatsoever.

So how about taking only the best of both concepts? That’s where co-working spaces come in.

Co-working space offers flexibility in terms of choosing your hours. It gives people the chance to work individually, but also collaborate if needed. It also eliminates the sense of solitude and creates a strong community. Not to mention that renting a co-working space comes at a much lower cost than renting a traditional office.

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